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JobCrawler collects job offers coming from selected European sources and automatically shows them in chronological order. The offers are continuously updated: every research will show any job offer newly published. JobCrawler is based on an automatic way to collect data. Selecting the job you are interested in, you will read the offer directly from the website that publishes it.

The peculiarity of JobCrawler consists in the totally automatic algorithms which compile the list of job offers, without human intervention. Even if the offers are collected from sources differing in job location, contract type and offered job, these are selected without any discrimination. This method can provide an unusual job offers list, and it’s exactly this characteristic that makes JobCrawler a powerful impartial search engine.

In the continuous effort to improve JobCrawler, we will add new sources and improve the algorithms: your opinions, comments and suggestions will be helpful in this process. Do you know press sources that in your opinion should be added? What functionalities of advanced search would be useful for you?
If you don’t find an answer to your questions or you have ideas to suggest, partnerships to propose, you can write to We thank you in advance for your interest and the time you will dedicate to write your comments.

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