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In this page we collected every kind of advertising available on JobCrawler.

Advertising management

Our solutions

Job solutions
Sponsored job: you can use JobCrawler to highlight and give a priority to your job offers, observe in  a reserved area  the number of received clicks on you offers and monitor the amount of available budget. Service with fee.

Banner solutions

Banner campaign: the ideal solutions to highlight a specific company brand. You can decide at the purchase order the average impression number that you want to obtain using until three different banners and URL for every single campaign. Service with fee.

Free campaign: it’s the ideal solution if you don’t want to invest in the immediate term  but you want to test the service with a visitors exchange. Free service with on a pare exchange.

Newsletter solutions.
Newsletter campaign: is the most immediate solution with the best results since your company is recognized as a real sponsor of the service. With banner or text (no DEM). At the moment are available daily, weekly or monthly sending, each reaching 120.000 users. Service with fee.

We kindly invite you to contact our salespeople via email at the address if you want to hear a customized offer.