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General questions

General questions

Who manages JobCrawler? An offer appears many times.
JobCrawler offers are selected from many automatic search engines (called bot) basing on where and when the offers are published on the internet.  There’s no human intervention for the selection or the viewed group of offers, and there is no one who decides which offers are placed on the top of the research. That’s why some offers can seem doubled: many sites published the same job offer.

I just did a research, but the results are lousy. Who is the responsible?
We are always interested in hearing what you have to say, even more if you did not find what you were looking for. But sometimes the labor market cannot satisfy everyone.

How could you forget www.lavoropertutti.gnuc ? What do I have to do to make you add it?
Suggestion concerning sources can be sent to  . Even if we cannot grant that we will add every source you recommend, we will surely take account of every received suggestion.

How many website does JobCrawler examine?
JobCrawler has a list of hundreds of Italian and foreign websites. From this list are selected the best sites according to a quality ranking (usability, legal correctness). At the moment we manage more than 1000 job offers websites for an total of 1.200.000 offers, collected in the last 30 days. In JobCrawler homepage there is the real-time number of offers on the website.

What’s the maximum offer length in JobCrawler?

JobCrawler lists the offers published in the previous 30 days.

I work for a job recruitment service. I have some questions about the contents we publish and about JobCrawler service.

Write us at  . For us is really important to work directly with the single publishers in order to suitably present the published material. We underline that JobCrawler freely process only those sources that received the ministerial clearance (listed in the ministry register), that are reliable, online editors, or that directly employ for production needs according to the current Biagi law, valid just for jobs in italy.