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MyCrawler Corporate

MyCrawler Corporate

What is MyCrawler Corporate?
MyCrawler Corporate is the area dedicated to companies and professionals that need to use JobCrawler services for everyday’s work.

Who can register to MyCrawler Corporate? How much is it?
The registration to MyCrawler Corporate is free, the services it offers though are just for companies and professionals. To use some services, you have to register online with your name, a login, a password and a valid email address. Then you have to send a copy of the details of the company registration with competent authorities and of the registration of the VAT number via email to .

What are the “Link Zone” and the “Click Zone” in MyCrawler Corporate? How much is it to activate them?

If you have a job offers website and you want it to be linked in JobCrawler you can send us an email at If your website is already linked you just have to email us at asking the activation of these services. Write in the email the address you used to register to MyCrawler Corporate, your login and the URL of your website.
In this area you will be able to check the bot created for your website, you will have at your disposal some statistics indicating how many job offers are linked every day from your website and how many click they receive.
The access to this area is completely free.

What is a sponsored offer? How can I publish one?
A sponsored offer has a visualization priority compared to the other offers. If you have successfully completed the registration to MyCrawler Corporate, also by sending the paper documentation via fax, you can publish a new job offer.
To manage your sponsored offers, please contact us at You will then be able to use the functionalities to choose among your offers published on JobCrawler, those who need to be sponsored.
This service is with fee, for more information check the advertisement page.

How can I activate the advertising area on MyCrawler Corporate?
The advertising area is activated for free when you activate at least one advertising campaign on In this area you will be able to read the statistics regarding your banners on the search engine or on our newsletters.
For more information about advertising campaigns on check the advertisement page.