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JobCrawler on your website

JobCrawler on your website

Are the services of JobCrawler for webmasters free?
Yes, the services are completely free. If you use our RSS, you can’t use the pages with URL indicated in an own frameset or iframe.
The URL in the RSS have to open new browser pages or link to the indicated page, just as in JobCrawler and NewsCrawler. Not following this guideline will create deep linking in the websites using RSS and could cause problems or legal proceedings with the owners of the showed information.
JobCrawler is not responsible for the improper use of its data and will do everything possible to avoid the deep linking  changing the input to the websites that do not follow this policy or closing the service.
We remind that is mandatory to publish the “powered by JobCrawler” logo in every page showing or providing access to its data. Download it at

What is the integration KIT?

With the integration KIT you can add in you website, without any effort, the search pages of JobCrawler, HouseCrawler, NewsCrawler, CVCrawler and AutoCrawler. Doing this you can offer always updated and coherent information to your visitors. This KIT has been developed in PHP and is available to everyone who needs it.

How does it work?
The KIT is very easy to use. Download the file in ZIP format, unzip it and follow the instructions in the example file named index.htm

What can I do with it?
You can publish the last ten job offers in JobCrawler, the last news from NewsCrawler, the last estates published in HouseCrawler or the last CVs in CVCrawler. You can also make a research for a keyword and the result will be showed on your website.
NOTE: everything will be visualized with your website graphics, you just have to customize the HTML pages in the KIT.  In the same way you will be able to add every banner you want, in order to have a profit.

Can I freely use the KIT?
Sure! You can do whatever you want to!

The contents supply can be secret?
Yes, the trade agreement can include a secrecy clause.

I didn’t find an answer to my questions, how can I contact you?
If you didn’t find answers, please
contact us.